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    Death threats have Been COMING FROM... TOMMY, LIl al, YOUng SICC, Dj fingaz, & E-Low ALL sending death threats and SOldiers to KILL Jimrock ON national CITY streets. The Streets are HOT for Jimrock. They want HIM To take Videos down That are GETTING WORLDwide ATTEntion. and bad attention for the RUEN Camp. WITH most Members wanting JImrock dead in SOUTh San Diego. Jimrock needs to roll with BODYGuards and Guns now in SAN DIEGO..What makes Ruen Kloze unique is its combination of true life graffiti art, urban culture sprinkled with the hip-hop genre.

    The clothing line has incorporated real life experiences and created innovated products of style and fashion.

    This differentiates Ruen Kloze from their competitors by ”living the life” and producing products which are ”real”. Many commercialized companies create products based on what they hear and read about but not actually

    experienced. As the business grew, Eddie Barajas teamed up with Dyze and was instrumental in marketing Ruen Kloze Internationally. Ruen Kloze is for everybody, and urban , hip-hop and street wear are worn by all. Fresh and innovated ideas are always in production and constantly being introduced. It is a constant daily battle to

    be in competition with major urban street wear businesses. But with the owner’s vision and unique talent, Ruen

    Kloze will continue to capture and increase its market share. But no matter how large they get in the future,

    they won’t forget where they came from –the streets.
    wERE IN A rEAL big tRANSITION pERIOD... oLD eNEMIES will become Best Friends. and Homies, YOU will not even know anymore.. Things are soo Fru