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    Ruen Kloze & LIL AL Smoke Meth WHILE wanting JIMROCK DEAD

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    RUEN Kloze saying "LIL AL" RUNS SAN DIEGO RadiO & da streets..

    Oh so You wanna Laugh at me. Just because you are doing BIG things on Sd Streets.. OK then. laugh it up. because I'm pretty funny.. Now that You got the Block ON Lock and all the Girls on Your Jock..
    LIL AL Runs San Diego Streets. He calls Shots ON what to play on the radio. and Your a Buster ass lame in San Diego "JIMCOCK" with NO Pull on sd Streets. Your Lucky your NOT dead Cuz the Homies From SHELL town Are gonna get your ass in NATIONAL CIty FOOL. You aint shit and your Buster ass "BBH CREW" aint shit.. RUEN CONTROLANdo This city and We will get Your PUnk ass and SNUFF you with the QUETE...
    Who is LIL al.. ? Why are you guys always starting problems with me? They wanna blast me On JIMROCK streets.