The Undertaker vs Hulk Hogan-WWF Title


by TSteck160

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Dude, i luv ur channel! Thanx!
By f1000024109000683 years ago
yes tank_dogg06 and mouselover
taker rules
By jessi5 years ago
Taker was 26 years old back then. Now he's 43 and still performs main event caliber matches. I think he'll be around longer than Ric Flair was, but he probably won't have as many Titles.
By tank_dogg067 years ago
About the same from S Series '91 save for the match ending up in one direction instead of another - I don't particularly think there's enough ambiguity to rob the victor of the title - however, it set up R Rumble '92 can't be such a bad thing. The match drags a bit in the early 10/11's but picks up when the interference starts rolling in. The crowd's hot and Heenan knows how to maintain my attention.
By jboyaquar7 years ago
undertaker is best wrestler in the world he is always fan favourite and rule breaker for short time in his very long career and hogan is rule breaker for long time and undertaker has defeated hogan many times
By mouselover19897 years ago
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