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    Tuto After Effects - Color Grading

    Riko Fx

    par Riko Fx

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    Steven Birmingham
    That was kinda OK, but not really a tutorial. First of all that was net really a color grading, that was more like a tinting. And you didn't say why you chose that specific blending mode. And the vignette could've been made a bit easier: Creating a black solid, than choosing the elipse at the masking tool and double-click the elipse or circle icon. Instead of choosing substract you just could have enabled "invert" for the mask. And choosing "multiply" as blending mode for a black solid is just the same as choosing "normal", 'cause "multiply" defines black as visible and white as 100% transparent ;-) . But the video was good to show how a look could be achieved.

    greets Chester :-)
    Par Steven BirminghamIl y a 7 ans
    Thomas Charbit
    dude are u on drugs or something ??
    Par Thomas CharbitIl y a 8 ans
    LooooooL, that's so funny... Stop chips when you speak on microphone.
    Par MrHelloOIl y a 9 ans
    lol,whoTF is that guy?
    Par Jon_LIl y a 9 ans