Bow Wow & T-PAIN - Outta my system


por F.A.HUGO

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Outta my system

Bow Wow ; T-PAIN ; Epiphany

3 comentários

nice song
Por marie-astrid Há 5 anos
ce n'est pas mon style donc je ne vote pas mais un grand merci pour ton com a plus
Por WASLOO Há 7 anos
When I'm with Somebody
All I think bout is you
When I'm all alone
Thats all I wanna do
I miss the smiley faces in my sidekick
Outta town visits
All the time we spend together
Makes it hard to get you
Outta my system
You know what you do to me (do to me)
You don't even understand
You know what you do to me (do to me)
It's so hard to get you
Outta my system

(Bow wow speaking)
I remember everything that me and you talked about
Me and you had our whole life planned out together
And if I could I would
Turn back the hands of time
And correct all my mistakes that I ever did
But now I guess I gotta move on right?
It's still hard
And I still love you till this day
Por eminem1 Há 7 anos

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