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    JEzu favio CHIngo BLING - SAn Diego texas Stunta 2

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    San Diego BBH crew has the Rappers and CHINGO bling and ALL Kinds of rappers.. DJ FIngaz Known for DOING meth and Herion is not in this video but RUen Kloze and Tribal gear and the girls in SAN DIEgo gaslamp Clubs .. Well Impact Productions with BIG los and BILLY blast and J smoove and Tre.. props to 93.3. and 98.9 and z90. Do you still think cats like DJ FINGAZ and E-Low or ANY radio Dj's have your back.. Well if your Money is Right they do. Its a BIG Difference Behind a BOOTH in Aero Drive @ the z90 Studios talking to san Diego Locals then In SKYLIne late night Making deals with the newest members of LGD... IT is in the San Diego Streets. that is where it is @.... With J.E. Sincere Wanting me Dead on the San DIego Streets over some CLUB empire.. I dont even know whats going on with the dripnWet camp. They keep Sanding me Threats like they are Gonna Stab me IN Chula Vista. Then SHOOT me in NATIONAL CITY.. well IF YOUR LOOKING FOR ME.. I AINT HARD TO FIND.. If you THInk a black Guy can just walk INTO IB and start earning Money. YOu must be MISTAKEn.. Even latino's pay Taxes.. Or else.. NOBODY will protect you.. OPEN SEASON ON Your ass..