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    Wayne Wonder-No Letting Go

    Okami Yakuza

    par Okami Yakuza

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    Par Trappen538Il y a 8 ans
    lol these days women treat men as huge cash dispensing objects, it works both ways don't you know? :P and as for God; go preach to a wall or kma.
    Par holyhell5050Il y a 9 ans
    christianprophetess19 is correct, if you think women are objects, remember that God created the woman as a person that will join man in its living. Women must learn how to raise their being by treating and living themselves with respect
    Par lancetheluminerIl y a 9 ans
    Ce son me lasse difficilement !
    Par Brownsugar18Il y a 9 ans
    I agree 0110110x,
    these women also help with the degrading of women
    Par christianprophetess19Il y a 9 ans
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