Marilyn Manson - The Beautiful People-Uncut Version

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So, at least at some point, Marilyn Manson will get a taste of his own medicine. There will be no genuine doctors to treat you when you break a hip.
Von Jimi Hendrix Letztes Februar
There are no avenues for study of medicine because the Universities are presided over by witches. University of Queensland used to be famous for producing excellent doctors, until in 1994 they brought in Practical Witchcraft as a field of study at the University of Queensland. This course was about creating human sacrifice as ritual and being graded on it in the Department of Religion.
Von Jimi Hendrix Letztes Februar
More examples of the Australian Government of the past thirty years, including the present. CHRONIC PAIN CLINICS, experimental drugs including anti-depressants and muscle relaxants so people cannot work nor be out of pain, putting people in traction, making people undergo "nerve severing operations" for spinal injuries - which means murder, use of gas in Chronic Pain Clinics and Chronic Care Clinics (Concentration Camps, CC). All funded by the Australian Government, via the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and Medicare.
Von Jimi Hendrix Letztes Februar
Satan cannot understand one word Marilyn Manson says, and Marilyn Manson will not be able to weazel his way out of that little interview.
Von Jimi Hendrix Letztes Februar
no its don't. lucifer (is name is legion) is the only god as love us.
Von PresumeCoupable Letztes Oktober
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