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    Sonic X Season 3 Trailer


    by TrixiePinkFoxMedia

    6 432 views
    Ok seriously 2 days in the making! 48 hours on this baby! that's how long this MV trailer took not kidding XD
    Ok Season 3 was probably the best season of Sonic X ever, and after watching all these intense scenes why do people keep saying that Sonic X sucks? Sonic X is awesome people! ^_^
    Anyway hope this trailer makes you want to watch the season over again lol XD
    Feel free to rate and comment ^_^

    Credit for Sonic X clips goes to 4Kids Inc, SEGA, Sonicteam and all others who may have helped create Sonic X.
    Credit for the Song to the Corner Stone Cues and Clint Mancell (more)