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    The Cute Show - Special Needs Pets


    by VBS.TV

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    This is a very special episode about very special pets. Handicapped pets. No wait, handicapable pets! Yup. More specifically, two blind dogs, two dogs in wheelchairs, a Chihuahua with no front legs and a cat with no eyes. Yes, it is sad—it tugs at you heartstrings like the dickens. But it’s also really sweet and heartwarming because they have good homes and people who love them. They are happy. And they are cute as heck. This is sort of a melancholy episode but sometimes life is melancholy, wouldn’t you say? And who says sad can't be cute? Just ask a cartoon frowny face!

    Thanks to Katy and Scooter, Signe and Shady, Stacey and Peanut, Lin, Bambi and willow, and Adam and Magic for sharing their cuteness with us!