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    "ALL HARDCORe" and TOugh and Someone who is HARD.. BUT that is not the case.. Because I"M a

    new SChool MAIN Head, BUT my job is to think. The make IMportant Decisions. ANd i'm prob the

    ONLY "SOFt" Shot caller. The rest of all the Main heads . ARE ALL KILLers. BUT When they STEP

    down.. I Am RIGHT there. NEXT IN line to take OVEr.. BUT SAn Diego is in Peace Time.. So a Peace

    Time Leader is perfect.. Instead of Problems and Taxing, I bring you Girls, and Drinks. we have

    already Gone. So far already. ANd I"M not talking about parties.. or RADIO. or even Music. Just

    ALL the Locals. We behave so well that COps Do not even need to Get Envolved. We solve Our own

    problems. Ourselves. Logic Has Been the Smart move of even the Biggest PROBLem Makers... Most of

    the Rules of the game and THE NEw School Rules, that Changed the Old GANG thinkings and Dates

    Ideas, That We helped Bring in to have this peace in 2007... Everyone knows these Rules. and

    Everyone is DOING very Well. Everyone is happy. .. Now I"M not talking about the Blacks there.

    Because the Blacks are STILL Shooting eachother, and Snitching on Eachother. I'm NOT even going

    to worry about them. They make such a Small % of the POPULation in San Diego that it is a NON

    issue as long as The Main Locals LIve the best Life they can in San Diego.. Now 760 Relations

    have been harder with them being newer GENERATION locals. CITIEs not as ESTABlished and a HUge

    PAISa MOvement there.. BUT the PAISa Connects and ALL the Locals are Playing Ball WIth the Rest

    of SAN diego. Everything is RUNNING Smooth Through the 858 and DEEp into North of The 760..

    Peace time is Here and WILL be here.. For along time to come. SAn Diego is Paving the way.. For

    Other Cities to take NOtice.. Young Sicc and His LIl al Homies in the streets of Sd