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    When Did The 9/11 Attacks Occur?

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    Wow wow wow wow September the 11th, 2001 3,000 people died in the Twin Towers, Pennsylvania and the Pentagon at the on the coast guard or navy head quarters.
    I should have been asked those questions not those people but what ever.
    Von hannigan06Vor 7 Jahren
    all these clueless ignorant fools need a slap
    Von stillmatic91Vor 7 Jahren
    Joran belges
    woaw london 55 mais quelle variation dans ton vocabulaira

    jai trouver sa trop droel hahahahaha
    Von Joran belgesVor 8 Jahren
    fuck usa
    Von ess-ENFIDAHVor 8 Jahren
    oh lalalalala ! grave... 3000 ? 30000 ? 3000000 ? c'est pas possible ils habitent sur mars, et encore sur mars ils connaissent sûrement les réponses
    Von spaktenVor 9 Jahren