Groucho Marx - Everyone Says I Love You (Horse Feathers)

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Everyone says "I love you"

Everyone says I love you
But just what they say it for I never knew
It's just inviting trouble for the poor sucker who
says "I love you".

Take a pair of rabbits who
Get stuck each other and begin to woo
And pretty soon you'll find a million more rabbits who
Say "I love you"

When the lion gets felling frisky
And begins to roar
There's another lion who knows just what he's roaring for

Everything that ever grew
The goose and the gander and the gosling too
The duck upon the water when he feels that way too
says "coin coin coin"

2 commentaires

Anar le Canard, tu es fantastique d'avoir mis cette vidéo en ligne ! Merci <3
Par Cecile-Bastia il y a 6 ans
great..but you missed the best part groucho`s one liners to the duck after words..sheese!!!
Par byjo il y a 6 ans