Ugk ft Outkast - International Players Anthem


by RapGodFatherscom

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Whattup Big Boi, Whattup 3Gstacks, just like Cingular Ise At and T, Okay the SOuthern Bell Cracked like the one in Philadelphia, They screamin where the love, Im screamin where the thugs, Dre told yall dont let that Tupac Amp yall up, Naaw yall Like Boost Mobile Im like Jeezy way u at, We don't Bring Em out, We went the other route, LEt them tricks come see what we about, All the pimps off the block, thats fed time now, So out of towners looking for Goosebumps, Left with Methbumps, Bitin they skin off, we down here gettin that weight off, Like the Biggest Losers ha? I love it when they think GA the peach state, Yall Better go to South Carolina, we dont believe in ghosts, aint no nine lives or nine wives, Yall can marry the block, Marry the game, be loyal to ya dudes, But can't maintain a family man? You serious, When I see her eyes I see me, So I know she been chose me, Keep hating, and you will lose your invitation? Its a celebration, Toast like the one i wrote
By Rich Mundo 6 years ago