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    Promicin Terror Current Blog: #9 Promicin Kills


    by ElectricArtists

    I am a humbled man. The support that has poured in since I was threatened by Pro-Promicin terrorists has been overwhelming. I am not going to turn this site into a forum about this incident but I just want to say thank you to all of you out there who have offered words of support and, in some cases, much, much more. Suffice to say, I have discovered there are some very serious individuals out there who count themselves as supporters of mine. I am glad they are on my side and, to the senders of the 'corn starch' letter, I think you are going to be UNPLEASANTLY surprised in very short order as to the extent of people's dedication to our cause.

    Folks, we are cresting a giant wave of support for our side, and it's a beautiful thing indeed. It's heartening to know that there are right-minded, intelligent, honest men out there who believe in what we're doing. We know that this isn't a choice - this is the ONLY course of action. There are no options.