International Player's Anthem (Uncut)

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By Rich Mundo 5 years ago
Niggas be like if she yo Wife, Where her diamond ring at, I said Bitch I was born a Pimp, Baby Smile, SHow them DIamonds, And thats white Gold, WE dont do Platinum, Thats right I Kiss My Ole Girl In the Mouth With Her Grill In, and We I get Done Watch them Diamonds Twinkle, Thats how We Do It In Colombia, Somebody Better Tell Chelsea, Cause Lately I been Feeling Real Disrespected, "This Shit is unacceptable, I hope its acceptable If Im Disrespectful"-Jeezy, The Recession, Yall in SUmmer School Session, Im Cold When yall Hot, Im Froze when Yall Cold, When Yall Bold, I thaw out, and no asking what its bout, Rip ya heat from ya mouth, Them Make Ya Baby Mamma Go Down South, Ask them Playas about ME, G without the enforcements, Leave a Nigga Whole World on the Concrete, I knew, Did U Know, A Knew, Yall still dont got a Clue, I Fais All Yall, Im My Bloodline...Niggas
By Rich Mundo 5 years ago
Yall Have to excuse me, Im Bipolar, For Real. IF I offend or have offended, I can judge you, but only you can convey guilt, God Forgives but don't Forget. Im taking the period from the chest, Put any bitch who play me on the track, and it aint 50 50, bitch its 100 love it or cease. Tell Suge Knight Niggas can't Jook me, and Im southern so don't call me Quik, It aint A Movie Comprende, If it wasn't for Rita, probably would take that Boot of the Map, Baby I feed you, U Choose, Gavi Cavi Like Fish Eggs, but refer to Mi Madre as a Bitch, Thats Female God, Get it, Tell Big Mamma We don't need to bring the 7 layer nachoes in the stadium we own the Team, Fuck where they Playing, Matter of Fact we on the Competition, Because We Dont deal with Opposition, So which side are yall On? I look like Pac, But Think More Like Jay-Z and Im off that Egyptian Shit, Dropped off Money to Ethiopia, Laid my Mind Body and Soul in Saudi Arabia, while these fool Conspiring About Oil. SO if it ain't Money ???
By Rich Mundo 5 years ago
keep it pimping pimping
By BANG 7 years ago