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    Gobbledy Gooker Debuts


    by TSteck160

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    It would have made more sense if it was the red rooster in the egg and he challenged someomne to a match right then. That might have worked out better then this. I like how right when the gooker pops out of the egg the crowd starts booing, they already know its gonna suck.
    By j6 years ago
    this should be a legend in the game lol
    By LasTsunDayProDuctions6 years ago
    Another Wrestlecrap primer is this masterpiece from the WWF's S Series 1990 from the Richfield Coliseum in Cleveland. You can tell it's going to be a good one cause of Okerlund's drunk shit-eating grin as he introduces this embarassment. After a month long excruciating build on Superstars and Challenge - what should we expect other than a Mexican Hector Guerrero as the legendary Thanksgiving Gobbeldy Gooker?! And this guy was suppossed to become aan active competitor. The crowd - and this was rare for 1990 - was actively booing. Oh, but it gets better - Piper thinks it's the greatest thing since his assistanty fed him another lame joke - Okerlund attempts a conversation with it - Gobbeldy ignores that - drags Gene to the ring - 'Piledriver' era music comes on...and they do a second-rate tumbling routine. Gorilla - what would not be a 'big hit' at S Series...cause I think this is prime material for that category - Utterly priceless
    By jboyaquar8 years ago