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    Eco-Towns, Israel under Fire and Harmful Multiculturism

    Mike Rouse

    by Mike Rouse

    Clip 1. In Blogger TV, Rowan Cole explains the issue that most inspired him to blog this week - the case of decorated soldier Colonel Jorge Mendonca who quit the army after feeling betrayed by his treatment following allegations troops under his command maltreated Iraqis. Is he simply a scapegoat for others' failings?

    Clips 2. Eco Towns - Nice Idea but Realistic?
    In Claire Fox News, the panel discuss the announcement by Prime Minister-to-be Gordon Brown to build five new eco towns. How will these developments work and will they actually be nice to live in?

    Clips 3. In Issue of the Hour, Shane Greer speaks to residents of the Israeli town of Sderot which comes under regular attack by Hamas-fired Qassam rockets. One resident explains what life is like for the inhabitants.

    Clips 4. Johann Hari, Columnist for The Independent, explains to Peter Tatchell why he thinks Multiculturalism is now a harmful policy to follow. Why is it a betrayal of women's rights?