Don't Leave Home-Taang

Z. Ali

by Z. Ali

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AN: My latest fanvid ladies and gentlemen, and I'm quite proud of it! ^^ The inspiration came from VickiSo.
WARNING: If you don't like Toph/Aang then don't watch the video, or flame in my domain. Or Koh will steal your face. SPOILERS FOR SEASON 2!!!!!
SUMMARY: It hurts too much to remember Toph... But Aang looks back at their time together anyway...


That was the best song I have ever heard and the feelings I've been through ever since I was a baby. It's like no one understands us; however, we keep on trying til something happens to us. It's a strong feeling that you never want to let go. I love it, it's so comfort, and understandable too. Thanks for reminding me. I really needed that.
By hearingaidgirl1 7 years ago
(This is raven_mirta from LJ.)

This is the first video of yours I've seen, and I really love it! That song fits Taang perfectly. ^_^
By katarazuko17 8 years ago