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    Sri lanka


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    Di stefano ardemagni7 anni fa
    Comment peut-on s'extasier devant des images de rêves quand on sait ce qu'il s'y passe au Sri Lanka...Sri Lankan people from around the world, cinhalese or tamil, whoever you are, you have GOT to act for peace. If you want to be able to say how beautiful country you all have for years and years...before everything has been destroyed and everybody murdered. Sri Lanka ain't a perfect destination, it's a nightmare and will be so until the government decides to stop its miserable policy of mass deportation and ethnical segregation. Resistance.
    Di kroumy8 anni fa
    Le sri-lanka a tout d'une destination parfaite, car de toute façon C'EST EX-CEYLAN
    Di airtasquitte9 anni fa
    We wish if you could add some videos to 123srilanka.
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    Di 123srilanka9 anni fa
    love this thx 4 postin
    proud to be a Srilankan....
    Di 101aki9 anni fa