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    Zwei - Dragon [ DJ Amaya 2007 ~Enishi~ Remix ]

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    Pres. DJ Amaya Fanclub
    PS I agree with Brian0064 comment. I would love to hear what they think. DJ Amaya deserves to be recognized as the next best new DJ. Who ever gets to be lucky enough to have him in there show is very lucky. He knows how to get your deepest emotions into a song.
    Pres. DJ Amaya Fanclub
    Great Music and the location where the video was done was spectacular. Love the image of the dragon in the smoke. Keep em coming DJ Amaya
    Amazing. All of your stuff are excellent. Top notch stuff man. Keep up the insane work. (Maybe you should try to get these on a Japan Cyber-Trance CD. Your remixes are just as good as the 'famous DJs.' Dare I say a lot better.)
    By brian00649 years ago