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    9/11: The Explosive Reality


    by neverknwo

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    Theres a new documentary out called 9/11 the explosive reality that puts together a lot of news reports about the day. Links to all 9 parts can be found here:

    Lots of amazing video footage from the establishment media taken from September 11th, 2001 and the days after in this documentary film entitled 9/11: The Explosive Reality. Much of the video shown in this film has rarely been seen since they aired because much of it contradicts the official story.

    Particularly interesting is video from the establishment media bringing on so called physics experts in the days following 9/11 that are clearly brought on to whitewash the story. They lie about the melt temperature of steel and promote the theory that the burning jet fuel brought down the twin towers.

    The documentary also shows different angles of the attacks on the twin towers, eyewitnesses describing bombs and explosions at the base of the towers, the strange media reaction to the events as well, WTC-7 and much much more. Definite required viewing.
    The foreign troop douche bag in full fatigues says "Buildings going to collapse.. Nothing informations.." while putting his hand on the camera and pointing it at his feet.

    I think he's Russian, but I'm not sure.

    Were there any other shots of troops in downtown New York before wtc7 came down? How did a decked out soldier get there so quick? Do you think he was part of Tripod II?