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    Ying Yang Twins- Naggin

    Lil' Crazzy

    par Lil' Crazzy

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    Women always talk about what men do
    We dont ever talk about what women do
    At least till now (come on)

    Every now and then you get mad
    Sometime I make you sad
    Make you want to say kiss my ass
    Tired of listenin' at your naggin'

    [Chorus: repeat 2X]
    She talking to me like I'm dumb
    I should have known (should have known)
    Should have left that bitch alone
    Now I'm stuck wit it

    [Verse 1]
    This for my niggas who be fuckin' round with them feelings
    and you get your heart caught up in the mix
    'Cause you love to fuck what's up her dress
    and never paid attention
    'Cause you didn't think the girl would start trippin'
    Shawty flip the script
    Start saying all type of shit out of her lips
    I'ma tell you what I can't stand
    When a woman play the role of a man
    Talkin' to a nigga like you got to hold his hand
    Treat ya like a sped
    Like ya lack to understand
    I know you know I ain't gone go for the jaw jacking all the time
    Talkin' to me out of line broad
    You done lost your mind
    You gone fuck round and get my some time