Scientists Testify To Scientific Facts in Quran


by mfanaji

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The greatest Scientists testify to scientific Facts in Quran.

These are short parts of many interviews with the Prominent Scientists in the Tv-Program (it is the Truth) which organized by the World Organization of scientific miracles in the Quran, which was broadcast on the Qatari- television for more than three consecutive hours..

This Program was made during the Eighth international Medical Conference in Saudi Arabia and other scientific Conferences at that Time.


it is really amazing and this proves THAT MOHAMMAD IS A MESSENGER FROM GOD- peace be upon him.
By seacharm 6 years ago
Alhamdoulillah, ça fait du bien de voir des scientifiques qui ne se croient pas au dessus de tout et qui admettent qu'il y a bien un créateur...
By oum_hourayra 7 years ago
salamo 3alaikom
By khadeb_rifya Hafhaf 7 years ago