Lil Scrappy- Gangsta, Gangsta

Lil' Crazzy

par Lil' Crazzy

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Zone 3 Aye We Feen To Crank Dis Bitch Up
(Bme)Show Ya'll What Some Real Gangsta's
Is Cuz Some Of Yall - G-Unit

Ima Gangsta Gangsta 2 4 5
Gotta Charger On The Boost Aye Baby Girl You Wanna Ride
Wit A (Gangsta Gansta)Lil John
(Aye) Yea Dats Me Tinted Out Ridin Dirty Comin Down Your Street
Ima (Gangsta Gangsta)Lil John
Get Trigga's Squezzed Up Got Fifty Killa's With Me Strap'd Down G's Up
Cuz Ima (Gangsta Gangsta)Lil John
(Yea)Top Of The List Bme Mothafucka Get Your Mind Right Bitch

[Verse 1: Lil Scrappy]
So Many Ways You Get Sprayed Get Hit
Wit Da K Anyday Aint Go Mothafucking Say
(Aye Aye Aye)That You Might Get Touched
Cuz Them Gangsta Ass Nigga's They Don't Talk 2 Much
Come Around Fuck With Me Then You Might Get Rushed
Naw I Ain't With The Yappin I Make The Gat Go Bust
Keep Fucking With Us We Off The Dangerous
Show You The Meaning Of Ash To Ash And Tusk To Tusk
If You Laid Back In The Lac I Unno If Them Hata's Goin Handle Dat
Keep My Mothafucking Hand On My Fucking Gat
(Aye)All Mothafucka's Better Get Back
All The Young Ladies Call Me Get It Man
I Unno If Ya'll Lames Goin Understand
You Could See The Fat Stacks Off In My Van
Tried To Keep It Like A Lame You Ain't Got A Chance

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Super video Merci ;)) :)) ...
Par fluffy199 Il y a 4 ans
^^ lolol Belle Video!
Par rmigia Il y a 5 ans
hmmm ;) Merci . j'ai trouvé un site pour voir des femmes en directe devant leurs Webcam : DaddysCam.com , même pas besoin de s'enregistrer! ;-D -
Par Nicole Serez Il y a 5 ans
tuerie en + y clake le clip
Par dirty klapz Il y a 6 ans
jsé pas si c produit par la gunit
jsé ke ya un partenariat ak eu pour son second album
Par darkthug Il y a 6 ans
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