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    jon stewart on crossfire 10/15/04


    by PB

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    Buddy Pease (Verified Contributor)
    I just watched the full HD movie here It is a great movie enjoy!
    Josh M. Wyche
    Listen to this dribble? Wolf BLitzer reports on how a flu shortage can mean we are vulnarable to Bio Terrorism? Im sorry, There is no way for me to put this diplomaticly. Fuck you, Wolf BLitzer you pompus, elitist, jackass. And fuck you CNN and your entire fear mongoring network.
    By Josh M. Wyche8 years ago
    Josh M. Wyche
    Hm This must be the reason you dont see Jon Stewart on many cable news shows. This guy is above politics and above the daily masquarade that is cable news. Hes not on Comedy Central because hes not good enough to be on Fox News, CNN , or MSNBC. Its because hes too anti establishment. Jon Stewart is every bit as much a revolutionary as George Washington, Alander Hamilton, or Benjamin Franklin. This guy is great and truly entertaining.
    By Josh M. Wyche8 years ago
    bob hartwell
    how many people wish they had voted for gore or kerry not me becuse i woted for both
    By bob hartwell10 years ago