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    George Michael - Kissing A Fool


    por Rodrigo

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    malaga flash back
    Por puntiyeHace 8 años
    Shah Mohd Talpur
    kissing a fool is a very sad song but i like that song because george michael was young and very nice at that time but i will take george michel for his live in pakistan in defance club and i wouid have really fun and eva mendes will be my wife and give her lot of kiss and give her gifts and some millon dollars and we will go to give a kiss to eva mendes
    Por Shah Mohd TalpurHace 9 años
    Kissing A Fool

    You are far,
    When I could have been your star,
    You listened to people,
    Who scared you to death,
    and from my heart,
    Strange that you were
    strong enough,
    To even make a start,
    But you'll never find
    Peace of mind,
    Til you listen to your heart,

    You can never change
    the way they feel,
    Be! Tter let them do
    just what they will,
    For they will,
    If you let them,
    Steal your heart from you,
    Will always make a lover feel a fool,
    But you knew I loved you,
    We could have shown them all,
    We should have seen love through,

    Fooled me with the tears
    in your eyes,
    Covered me with kisses and lies,
    So goodbye,
    But please don't take my heart,

    Por VERSALYHace 9 años
    You are far,
    I'm never gonna be your star,
    I'll pick up the pieces
    And mend my hear! T,
    Maybe I'll be strong enough,
    I don't know where to start,
    But I'll never find
    Peace of mind,
    While I listen to my heart

    But remember this
    Every other kiss,
    That you ever give
    Long as we both live
    When you need
    the hand of another man,
    One you really can surrender with,
    I will wait for you, like I always do,
    There's something there,
    That can't compete with any other,

    You are far,
    When I could hav! E been your star,
    You listened to people,
    Who scared you to death,
    and from my heart,
    Strange that I was wrong enough,
    To think you'd love me too.
    I guess you were kissing a fool,
    You must have been
    kissing a fool.

    Por VERSALYHace 9 años
    Mais um sucesso do Georginho! Gracias!
    Por alsfddHace 9 años
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