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    Johnny Cash - Hurt


    by Mark

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    This week i went to visit my fathers grave and afterwards as i was in the area i decided to go back to my old school which i had never went back to in 27 years.It was closed so i walked around and just looked at the building.Memories came flooding back to me of my childhood.I saw the places i used to play in as a child.I was listening to the radio and this song came on.It seemed to be the perfect song for me in that moment.
    By curtisina7 years ago
    This was a None Inch Nails Song. R.I.P. Mate!
    By AussieSean7 years ago
    Steve C
    This is so true. We work so hard for stuff that wont matter in the end. Johnny Cash - His Music Will Continue To Live On!
    This is a great video of ones reflection of life.
    By Steve C7 years ago
    Yep...He died too soon though....
    By Mark10 years ago
    Mike Gee
    I Love Rock N Roll, and this is it!Quality never dies!
    By Mike Gee10 years ago
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