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    A creative response in dealing with the murder of my friends. Four women friends murdered in four different parks. Two of them were pregnant. One of them murdered by the father of her child, who happend to be the janitor at our high school. I think she had just graduated.
    One A-hole's response on youtube said that because there were so many of my friends who died like this, that I
    "must be living amongst the wrong sort of people and meeting the wrong sort of men to have lost so many friends!"
    Right, like it's our fault that men kill us. Two of the killers were never found, one was the father of her child and one was a wonderer no one knew who was found 10 years later on the opposite side of the country in jail for battering another woman.
    No, we are not to blame for these actions caused by deranged phsycopathic men. That was an unusual time (early 90s)in the dark depressed city of Seattle, but this happens all over the world. Do something productive, like supporting your sisters rather than blaming us for being murdered.