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    India Muslims face xenophobia


    by PressTV

    Ethnic violence in India’s northeastern state of Assam continues to take a heavy toll on the Muslim population in the region.

    In May, tribal militants killed more than 30 Muslims in three days of attacks.

    A faction of the National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB) was reportedly behind the attacks. The NDFB wants a separate homeland for the region’s ethnic Bodos who account for 10 percent of Assam’s 33 million people.

    The Assam state government has been criticized and accused of failing to restore law and order to the region.

    To bring an end to the unrest in the northeastern state the Indian government deployed troops in Assam.

    Several rebel groups have been fighting the government for years in India’s seven states in the northeast. They are after more regional autonomy or independent homelands for the indigenous groups they stand for.

    According to government officials, hundreds of Muslims and other minority groups have fled their villages to safer locations fearing a rerun of the 2012 communal clashes that took the lives of nearly 110 people.