IN THE WORLD PAPERS - 'It's a War, Stupid!'

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We look at coverage of the Ukraine crisis. Former world chess champ Garry Kasparov has a comment piece condemning "the vocabulary of cowardice in Berlin and Washington" and Putin's "black and white propaganda". He says Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko should wear a T-Shirt saying: "It's a War, Stupid". Pravda, meanwhile, says NATO is "eternally looking for a new lamb to slaughter" and is using Ukraine as a raison d'être. We also look at "old enemies becoming friends" thanks to ISIS. Join us.

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1 commentaire

Gary Kasparov's father was a Russian Jew named Moiseyevich Weinstein.
Supposedly, when Gary was a child he heard the story of the Exodus of Israel from Egypt. And this road to freedom was reached only after a long confrontation with Pharaoh.
Furthermore, only Freudian psychoanalysis can explain the projection of this childhood memory on a person's action after he reaches maturity.
Par Joseph Rosen en septembre