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    Sangsung yepp concert


    by doraemonconan

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    may i know when was this?
    By kingalexielle247 years ago
    I like Rock music, but it just doesn't suit Xiah, for some reason, though he looked cute trying to act it, but it just doesn't suit him...
    Out of them all, I'd picture Max more of a guy who'd listen to rock music, though many of you would disagree with me.
    By Mailynn10 years ago
    I adore TVXQ.
    Is it just me, or was a bit odd hearing them sing Magic Castle in that outfit? It was so's a Christmas song, and the outfit's so ... so ... dark, I love the Tri-Angle outfits, by the made Micky look his best in appearance in them...eyeliner looks great on him.
    Yunho's outfit isn't complete without the feather on his eye, aw...
    I wonder what their parents think when they see their children on must be amazing to watch your child perform on T.V ... they must be proud...both parents & them.
    It's funny how Jaejoong put the drops in his eye so he can cry...we all know they do that in movies & whatever, but it's just...different seeing it.
    All sorts of different music over there on the Yepp...interesting. Micky's outfit in there, well, it would've been something I would totally dislike on a guy, to be honest...but Micky's one of the two people I know that look good in pink...
    By Mailynn10 years ago
    Giun Choo
    I love TVXQ!!!!ㅋ
    By Giun Choo10 years ago
    jaejoong is soo cute and i LUV HIM!!!
    By XxLovedbskXx10 years ago
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