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Larry Bundy Jr. is here with your Dragon Age II Lore!
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Written by Justin Small

Voiced by Larry Bundy Jr.:

Animated by Jeremey:


Before he was the Champion of Kirkwall, Hawke lived in Lothering during the Fifth Blight. A vicious darkspawn attack leaves Lothering in ruins, forcing the Hawke clan to seek safe passage to Kirkwall.
But Kirkwall itself is not as peaceful and safe as it seems. The ruling faction of Kirkwall, the Templar Order, has become excessively brutal and corrupt in their governing style. This obviously does not sit well with the citizens of Kirkwall, especially the mage population who the Templars seek to control.

After paying off family debts and finally being allowed into the city, Hawke takes on various odd jobs until happening across a massive pile of treasure in the Deep Roads, but Hawke’s fortunes don’t last for long. Relations with a foreign military force known as the Qunari reach the boiling point and Hawke is catapulted into the middle of Kirkwall politics.

Now Hawke must deal with the hostile Qunari, manage the increasingly volatile relationship between the Mages and Templars, and handle the fragile political climate of Kirkwall without destroying the entire city. But that sure beats having to slay an all-powerful Archdemon, am I right?

Have fun!

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Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound and Audio Micro

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