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    Greensleeves - "Fireflies" Official Music Video


    by BlankTV

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    Greensleeves - "Fireflies" Official Music Video

    Artist city, country: Curitiba, Brazil

    Artist Biography: After five years since the release of their debut album, the Brazilian prog metal band Greensleeves reveals details of their second release, entitled ‘Inertial Frames’, due in September 2014. The follow-up of ‘The Elephant Truth’ (2009) - a very well received album by the specialized media in Brazil and abroad - brings 12 long tracks, suitable to the classic heavy metal fused with progressive rock proposed by the band.

    Greensleeves has just released a video clip for “Fireflies”, the opening track of their new album.

    Director Name: Victor Schmidlin
    Producer Name: Caio Duarte
    Producer Link:

    About The Video: Greensleeves official video clip for “Fireflies”, the opening track of their new album, Inertial Frames.

    The video was edited by music producer Caio Duarte, also known for his work as Dynahead’s lead singer. Duarte was also in charge of the new album’s mixing and mastering, at Broadband Studio, in Brasilia.

    “Inertial Frames”, Greensleeves second album, is due on September this year.

    Artist Website:

    Song Lyrics: Fireflies
    (L/M: Schmidlin)

    Must face a crucial decision
    Watch the smoke change the season
    How blind we are

    Victory of pride over reason
    War turns good souls into evil
    Then we die

    We have such a short life
    Let it shine while you are here
    Innocence, sweet like candy
    Now I just feel so ashamed

    Why die so young?
    We blink, we’re gone
    Ephemeral lives
    We are fireflies
    Our time’s a spark
    To shine the dark
    We glow, so shyly
    We are fireflies (2x)

    A brief sight of what’s happiness
    Bad times fade in the night
    We were light

    Childhood wasted for man's greed
    War seeds nothing, got deceived
    Now we starve

    The shelter can become our grave
    Enlighten this place where we live
    Things we do and cannot erase
    All we carry is memories


    Solo - Baggio (3:27), Schmidlin (3:37), Baggio (3:46), Schmidlin (3:55)

    Surrender to the tragedy
    I hope you can show me the way
    Were we supposed to die so soon?
    We just wanted another day



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