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    We’re Hooked On Loom Bands And You Will Undoubtedly Be Too!


    by Superiormarkers

    The loom band craze just got an exciting new twist!
    Hooked On Loom introduces an amazing Loom Bands Kit complete with all the accessories for designing and creating the colorful rubber band bracelets that have taken the world by storm.
    In just five to ten minutes and a little imagination, you will be making a fashion statement with your very own, personally designed loom creation.
    From bracelets, to rings, to fun artwork, loom band creations are limited only by what the mind conceives.
    Here’s what you get:
    A complete Hooked on Loom Bands Kit containing:
    A super cool adjustable organizer
    top quality loom board and metal tip hook
    1000s of rubber bands in various colors
    Fun looking charms
    Plenty of S clips

    You bring the fun!
    Watch the creative genius of the children come alive as they build dozens of designs to reflect their unique personality and style.
    Gather friends together and teach each other how to make your favorite designs.
    Use your imagination to make rubber band bracelets in the size, design and color you choose.
    Wear it as a fashion statement.
    Give your handmade gift to a friend.
    Swap your creations with other loom designers.
    All the while, having unlimited fun doing this exciting activity with family and friends.
    How is Hooked On Loom different from others like it on the market?
    Hooked On Loom rubber bands are manufactured in the same factory as the most popular brand in the US. This means it is strong and durable enough to keep up with your creative streak.
    Plus the Loom Bands Kit is safe for use by children eight years of age and older.
    Order the Hooked On Loom Bands Kit on Amazon Now and unleash your wild imagination.