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    XBOX Games with Gold (Sept. 2014, 1-30 on Xbox One) - Super Time Force (EN) [HD+]

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    XBOX Games with Gold (Sept. 2014, 1-30 on Xbox One) - Super Time Force. Super Time Force available from September 1-30 on Xbox One.

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    Super Time Force began with a simple concept: merge side-scrolling classic Contra with a “time-reversal” hook to create a unique action-shooting experience. Super Time Force throws a lot of enemies and projectiles at you at once, but don’t despair – if you mess up, you can press a button to rewind to a point where you can do it all over again, the right way. But that’s not all; your “ghost” (the replay of the playthrough where you just died) will continue to fight alongside you for the new try, turning even your screw-ups into helpful teamwork opportunities. You might say that’s mighty neighborly of... yourself.


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