R.A. The Rugged Man - I Shoulda Never


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That didn't work at all. Working link ,,, uhoy.in/1792960
Par Scarcecurator52506Il y a 3 semaines
UPDATE: working download at this link --- ohh.nu/4erzz
Par Parchedsummary6780En février
Meh D. Juudaime
T'as de la chance, moi il me les ont toujours supprimées pourtant je les ai mises partout...
Par Meh D. JuudaimeIl y a 3 ans
He said "bitch", then said "nigga". The way he said it was like "men" in general. For me, it's not what you say, but how you said it. One of the illest ones. Even Biggie told him "Damn! I thought I was the illest". He and a magazine confirmed his quotes.
Par NLK3Il y a 5 ans
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