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    Rock star poser


    by Jen

    Okay first of all: holeee crap! I went through so much trouble with this video! It made me remember why I haven't done any in a while... Everything went rather smoothly until I had to save it as a video file. Well Movie maker kept throwing a weird error about not being able to save the video. I tried saving other videos and they worked just fine. But not this particular one. First I thought it was the song being copy protected or something so I re-recorded the song from the original file using an audio recorder. Then I tried saving the video again with the re-recorded song. But nope. The same error again.
    So I decided it had to be some of the video clips being copyprotected. So I ended up recording the screen from the movie maker with a screenrecorder program x.X The quality got a lot lower due to this and movie maker lagged at parts so the video "stops" or is rather jerky.
    Then I put the re-recorded video images into movie maker, slapped the song onto it again and saved the video... And it finally worked.

    So you better like this! xP Or I'm seriously gonna hurt myself *lol*