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    The Killing Flields - Part 3


    par Jambonews

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    stanislas umwami
    My story.
    Kagame and Rwigyema... invaded Rwanda, my country and i lost everybody i loved i.e. my friends were genocided because kagame invaded a Peaceful country(Rwanda) and the troubles got to us all. He didn't even manage to rescue the victims of his atrocities. However he planed every killings of Tutsis other than his direct clique(here i didn't mention the misterious deaths of people like Peter Bayingana, Chris Bunyenyezi...Kayitare etc.) Kagame started to murder them way before his genocide at the battle field. Imagine how he felt when he was seeing Rwandan Tutsis dying? happily overwhelmed. And he encouraged the interahamwe to kill them by shooting innocent hutus in different places. Like one time whe he shot people in the market laughing out loud in a pick-up. That time he was incrusting"incruster" hate in the hutus' subconscience. That happened all over the country of Rwanda.

    Lastly, he committed Genocide
    that's my incomplete story
    Par stanislas umwamiIl y a 7 ans
    C'est poignant, mais ce sont nos pires actes nous devons avoir le courage de les regarder avec un regard objectif.Merci pour cette famille très courageuse qui a accepté de temoigner sur les crimes cachés du Fpr de Kagame.
    Par BICUKIIl y a 9 ans