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    Eleanor Powell EXCLUSIVE Behind the Scenes UNIQUE RECORDING


    by tapdance

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    EXCLUSIVE Behind the Scenes!!! Eleanor Powell in the legendary, epic tap dance routine: Fascinating Rhythm for the film Lady Be Good. This video is an alternate recording where we can see the gigantic amount of work and people involved in order to make possible such perfect sequence. It reveals how this scene was accomplished. In order to allow Eleanor to dance between a series of pianos without interruption, pieces of the set had to be quietly removed off-camera as she worked her way across the stage. Watch how over 200 people, probably bordering 300, work in and around the stage/studio (stage designers, technicians, electricians, drivers, director, crane staff, decorators, orchestra, grand piano players, assistants, 100 men in the chorus line, costume designers, photographers..... and the people we don't get to see).

    Busby Berkeley shot this dance sequence, not the entire film. Many years later Busby said, "We rehearsed the ending of this number over and over, and it was two in the morning before we got it right ... she (Eleanor) was battered and bruised, but never complained. Not a whimper! She wouldn't give up until I had got what I wanted on film. After the preview of the picture, she thanked me. I've known very few women that talented and that gracious."