Eleanor Powell, Buddy Rich & Tommy Dorsey HAWAIIAN WAR CHANT


by tapdance

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Maybe just maybe the greatest trumpet player of all time. As for Eleanor Powell she was the greatest tapper of all time. Buddy Rich said that Eleanor Powell had more rhythm in her feet then he with his drums.Fred Astaire was totally intimidated to dance with her. There is a very long list of celebrities that say the same.
By hajune 5 years ago
Back around 1969 Buddy was doing a gig at a place called Lenny's on the Turnpike north of Boston. At the end of the evening Buddy asked if anyone could give one of the musicians a ride home. I had a date so couldn't offer. I always wondered if I could have gotten to know Buddy by helping him out.
By Boston Blackie 6 years ago
Sinatra, Dorsey's singer, remininsced about Buddy Rich and music in general to Larry Mullen, Bono, and the boys when U2 first came to America-- for over an hour in Frank's dressing room. People kept knocking on Sinatra's door. "Hey, Joan Collins is out here. She wants to see you." "Tell her I'm busy," Frank said. This went on with various stars and starlets, until someone asked, what's goin' on in there?
"Oh,Frank's in there with U2."
So Frank's beautiful friendship with Bono was born from the genius of Buddy Rich, and the rock star and crooner's mutual passion for rhythm.
By colonia56 8 years ago
The trumpet soloist is Ziggy Elman, the clarinet, Johnny Mince I presume
By arbangaitur 8 years ago