Eleanor Powell ROSALIE tap dance - West Point Cadet routine


by tapdance

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Great! video, thanks
By Pink_pig776 years ago
Apparently they are going to release a special Eleanor Powell BOXSET by the end of this year. Hopefully. It was officially announced but with an unknown release date. End of 2007 was estimated. I don't have all her films because as you said it is really difficult to get them, most of them are out of print titles. I have 5 full films and then some random routines (only the tap routine parts) of a few more films. But I still have to discover some of her movies, so there is brilliant tap stuff out there I don't even know. It drives me mad.
By tapdance8 years ago
You must have all her movies if you have these clips. It's so hard to find these ones nowadays it's only recently that I bought the Broadway Melody series on ebay. VHS ofcourse, they really should consider to put these movies back on DVD.
By shurayuki184818 years ago