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    Eleanor Powell tap dancing with Fred Astaire & George Murphy


    by tapdance

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    Ellie was the star of MGM .This was Fred's first movie with her and first MGM movie. He was terrified to dance with her. As he said in his autobiography " She put em down like a man. No ricky ticky ,sissy stuff with Ellie. She danced in a class by herself. Ellie even got to a few extra moves in this short segment. Ann Miller in her introduction to this movie said Ellie saved MGM from bankruptcy twice. Fred and Ellie remained lifetime friends. Truth is Ellie did dance in a class by herself.
    By hajune6 years ago
    Hier, j'ai voulu mettre sur DailyMotion un extrait de "The Barkleys of Bradway" (en français, "Entrons dans la danse"). Une heure plus tard, DailyMotion supprimait ma vidéo, sous prétexte de violationdes droits ! J'aimerais savoir comment font les autres pour passer à travers les mailles de la censure !
    By J_P_M7 years ago
    Danny Spark / Ollie
    This made me cry. With happiness.
    By Danny Spark / Ollie8 years ago