NASA Considering Sending Robot Researchers To Other Planets

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An army of robots is being considered as an option for future NASA missions.

NASA is expanding upon their many successes with exploratory robots by creating a group of mini machines that work as a team.

At this time, they’re calling them swarmies.

Given that they’re much smaller in size than a typical rover such as Curiosity, their toolboxes won’t be quite as full as those of the explorers before them.

Most are likely to only include basic technologies like cameras, GPS, and WiFi.

The impressive part of their operating system is how they’ll be programmed to behave.

They are built to function like an ant colony.

When one finds something of interest, the rest of the group is alerted and together they tackle whatever required task presents.

Said one of the engineers working on the swarmies, "For a while people were interested in putting as much smarts and capability as they could on their one robot. Now people are realizing you can have much smaller, much simpler robots that can work together and achieve a task.”

At this point the little team of robots consists of 4 machines that look a lot like toy trucks, but the project is still in its very early stages.