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    Six Huge Lego Bricks Laid For Foundation Of 'Lego House'

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    This week, six massive Lego bricks were laid for the foundation of a new structure in Billund, Denmark, which is the founder of the toy company’s hometown.

    LEGO has a huge fan base, comprised of both kids and adults. In the coming years, LEGO enthusiasts will have a new, spectacular place to visit.

    This week, six large LEGO bricks were laid as part of the foundation of a structure in Billund, Denmark, the hometown of the toy company’s founder. The upcoming building is fittingly being called ‘The LEGO House’.

    It’s not exactly what you might imagine. Instead of a super-colorful, some might call childish design, the rendering shows a modern and sophisticated structure that keeps the LEGO style with a series of interlocking brick buildings.

    The vibrant effect wasn’t left out completely though, as the roofs of the brick buildings showcase varying bold hues. Each of the six foundation bricks recently laid features a different word.

    They include learning, quality, caring, imagination, fun and creativity, which all represent what LEGO toys do for kids and grown-ups across the world.

    The building will encompass a little under 130,000 square feet. It’s slated to open sometime in 2016.

    The architect behind the project, Bjarke Ingels remarked “It will appear like a cloud of interlocking LEGO bricks that form spaces for exploration and exhibition for its visitors within.”

    Guests can look forward to a covered square, along with playgrounds and interconnected terraces. What do you think of the ‘LEGO House’?