Salman Khan Demands 3 5crs For Inauguration

Moviez Adda

by Moviez Adda

From fans to filmmakers, Salman Khan’s popularity has indeed, been enchanted across all corners of the world! But do you know what price he quoted to be a part of an inaugural function of a banquet hall in UK? Oh you’ll have your jaw dropped! It’s 3.5crores for a single visit! What, like really? Yes peeps! Just like how his Bigg Boss 8 was giving us a blow when we heard that he has been paid a whopping 5crores for each episode, this 3.5crores deal further added to his pricey stardom, to no bounds! Though Salman’s official spokesperson has refused to spill out any details over the same, but an inside report states that our Bhaijaan has indeed, been locked at 3crores with an addition of 50lakhs for the accommodation and travel of his staff members! Whoa…now that’s something isn’t it? Sound off your thoughts, in the comments and stay tuned for more updates, right here, right now!