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The Rock, Hogan & NWO Segment

Kaz Da Gr8 1

by Kaz Da Gr8 1

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Its the Raw after WM X8 and the disgraceful people are booing The Rock. They do cheer for him afterwards but this is the time when "The People" turn on "The Peoples Champion". The Rock is Still The Best.


Canadians are fucking retarded.
By corporatechamp 5 years ago
if the match was in US it would be a lot more entertaining.it would be a mix reaction
By T-mac4life 5 years ago
What the f*** is wrong with canadian fans they always cheer for the heel (baddies) and boo the faces(goodies). They really get me pissed of when they boo HBK (for the montreal screwjob and that happened more than ten years ago)
By runs2u 6 years ago
Proof right here that it was the people who turned on The Rock FIRST! But anyway...The Rock shows how much of a class act he is here..not like others who would brag about it and throw it in the person's face..The Rock had genuine respect for Hogan and I'm sure likewise. Ignorant ass people couldn't see that.
By Yuugi 7 years ago
you do fucking realize wwe is a fictional TV show , jackasses
By someone 7 years ago
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