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by lore

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Chad is here with your Dragon Age: Origins Lore!
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Written by Justin Small

Voiced by Chad Quandt:

Animated by Zeurel:


Centuries ago, the Maker -- the creator of all things -- shaped the Fade as his first world but then grew bored and left it behind to create a second realm, Thedas. To separate these realms the Maker put a barrier called The Veil in between them, but unbeknownst to him, those from the Fade could still peer into Thedas, and they did so with jealousy.

Corrupting whispers crossed over the veil, compelling a group of Magister Lords to enter the Golden City in the Fade, only to return as tainted creatures. The Magisters, now called Darkspawn, located the Old God Dumat and corrupted him into an Archdemon, triggering the First Blight, a terrible war. This conflict ended only when a group of warriors known as the Grey Wardens came forward to destroy Dumat and push the darkspawn back into the underground highways underneath Ferelden.
The Grey Wardens succeeded in keeping the darkspawn at bay for three more blights by infusing themselves with darkspawn blood, which allows them to kill the seemingly immortal Archdemons. But now with the revival of Urthemiel, the fifth dragon god (also somehow The Dragon of Beauty), the Darkspawn are now primed to wipe Ferelden off the map.

Have fun!

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