Rayne Longboards - Shotguns and Fun Runs with Deen Mondt

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Skater, Dutchman, and all around good dude Deen Mondt has been on tour and skating in Europe this summer. He recently took first in the KNK No Paws Down race that went down during the KNK freeride event at the end of July, pretty gnarly considering you can hit speeds of 90 km/h (55 mph) on a course with 8 hairpins.

While bombing hills and sampling bubbly beverages across Europe, Deen found the time to film a killer run on the Peyragudes course with fellow Rayne rider Daniel Hawes on the chase cam. Luckily Deen is faster on the hill than he is on the shotguns, so kick back, check this edit, and get stoked for some weekend skate-ventures.

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Par Roy Dewan en août