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    "Ray of Light", "If the Bible tells you so":
    We are only the 14th of July 2009,
    If you believe, there is hope, justice, another day, time, fruits, happiness, joy, love, compassion,sound, image, mind, solutions, passion, ego, wine, beer, solace, non loneliness, confidence, construction, sand, energy, stars, galaxies, time travel, new planets, new solar systems, new universes, new dimensions, freedom, charm, sports, telekinesia, astronomy, astrology, fate, a chosen path, mathematics, philosophy, Macintosh, Microsoft, Linux, Unix, Solaris, Nasa, Nata, UN, G_number_of_ethnical_groups, rage, regret, up, down, Yin Yang, + / -, Ki iK, heros sur Terre, another world, music, electronics, carbon, hydrogen, helium, hydrogen 3, oxygen, oxygen 2, oxygen 3, black_metal_from_space, daemons and saints, black and white, color, light, cars, vélos, watches, adventure, uphill and downhill, general balance increasing for the better, funds, battles, wins etc.
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    And So !!!!!
    Par bobIl y a 7 ans
    Nicolas Quentel
    si yen a d'autre préviens P as ma l du tout
    Par Nicolas QuentelIl y a 8 ans